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Featured Retail Storefront Location & New Product!
One Stop 66 Route 66 Centennial Products Now Available at Ryburn Place in Normal, IL on Route 66!
One Stop Ryburn Place

We are happy to announce that our shirts and signs are sold at Ryburn Place! Stop in at Ryburn Place and get the 1st Route 66 Centennial shirt or the sign featuring Judy Walker’s photo of the Gasconade Bridge ($1.00 of the sales of the sign goes to the Route 66 Association of Missouri for the Gasconade Bridge restoration project). Terri has always played a big part of us appreciating and learning about Route 66. When we are in the area, we make sure to stop by and say “hi” to her. She always welcomes us (and all other guests who stop by) with open arms. While you’re there visiting, checking out the beautiful restored gas station and pick up a copy of her autobiography No Crybabies Allowed: The Past as Told by Me.
Ryburn Place /Sprague’s Super Service Station
305 Pine St.
Normal, IL. 61761

No Crybabies Allowed: The Past as Told by Me - Autographed Paperback Book by Dr. Terri Ryburn - $19.99 plus tax.
No Crybabies Allowed

“Daddy had ‘itchy feet’ and couldn't stay in one place for very long. Over and over again, he said to Momma, ‘Hazel, git the kids ready. We're movin'.’ Momma cried, but by the time we piled into the back of the truck and Daddy backed out of the driveway, Momma’s tears had dried and her jaw was set in a familiar, unforgiving line.” This story collection, told from a child’s perspective, ranges from hilarious to poignant, as Terri encounters bullies, suffers from unrequited love, puzzles over religion, abandons plans to run away from home, and upholds family honor, while shedding the “crybaby” moniker. Terri shares vivid memories of growing up in the 1950s, as her large family moved from Illinois to California, to Kentucky, to Oregon. The family lived in a tent, a tarpaper shack, chicken brooders, and a smokehouse because of her father’s "need" to move. Terri was “the new kid” at seven grade schools (including three third grades, where she never learned her times tables!) and two high schools. If you’ve ever said, “We were poor but we didn’t know it,” you were never really poor. Terri knew that she was poor but as her Aunt Mary Agnes said, “We come up poor but we come up proud.” No one could have foreseen that Terri would transcend the poverty of her early life to earn a doctorate in history, to retire from a university as an administrator and instructor, and to own a small business.

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One Stop 66 Owners
One Stop 66 Owners, Stacey & Jim Featherstone

As owners of One Stop 66, we are so pleased to launch our new company and our website. We began this project in early February, with the goal of helping Route 66 businesses by selling their product online. Now more than ever, this is a service that we hope will help Route 66 businesses in all 8 states along Route 66 - Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. We then added our new signature product. In addition to being accepted into the Roadie community (thank you all so much!), Jim has had a very popular and helpful Facebook group - Route 66 Business Internet Security Help Group. Our Roadie friends encouraged us to also open an online company, so here we are!

In addition to offering what we believe is the world's first Route 66 Centennial T-Shirt, we at One Stop 66 want to be there for your 66 needs! Our website offers online ordering via Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and via mail-in orders. We offer FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S. on most of our products, and accept international orders via PayPal.

After doing our roadie travels on Route 66, we wanted to help businesses who have self made products to reach parts of the world that they couldn’t before. Our goal is to assist everyone on the route with selling their items, and then make it easy to sell items from Route 66. If you have a business on or about Route 66 that has product to sell, please reach out to us.

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